All your marketing, sales and client management,
in one place.

Marketing Tech. Made fabulously simple.

For online service providers, by online service providers.

Take the Hassle

Out Of The Tech

Simplify and Streamline

Your Business

Automate Your

Client Onboarding

All Your Marketing

In One Place - Say What?!

Ready to say 'Bye-bye!' to late nights wasted on tech?

Freeceo is the one tool you need to take the place of your:

  • Website and funnels

  • Landing pages

  • Communication hub: Email, 2-Way Texting, Facebook and Instagram DMs, Ringless Voicemail

  • Social media scheduling

  • Calendar bookings

  • Forms, surveys, and quizzes

  • Chat widget

  • Contract signing

  • Email platform - individual and group

  • Automations

  • Client payments

  • Review management

  • Memberships and Courses hosting

All in one place. With set up support.

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"I combined 15 systems in ONE!”

“By using the Freeceo system I combined 15 different software platforms into one! YES, 15!!
This saves sooo much time, money and hassle bouncing between platforms. Game Changer."

Sally • Executive Consultant & Coach

Ready to create your

Marketing Machine?

An automated system to turn your audience into clients.


Turn traffic into leads with our landing pages, calendars, forms, surveys, chat widget + more


Communicate with your audience and leads via social media scheduling, automations, SMS, emails, FB Messenger + more

  1. SALES

Convert leads into sales with payment integration, contract signing, pipeline tool + more

Hi, I'm Annelise.

Agency CEO and Business Mentor.

I see you.

Running your business doesn’t have to be so flipping hard.

After over a decade working in marketing - and over 5 years running an agency - I understand what you’re going through as an online service provider.

Far too many of us follow the same pathway.

I know I did.

- Saying "Yes" to all the things (and charging too little!)

- Being on-call all the time

- No time to work on the business because you’re drowning in client work

- Wasting time managing or learning too many different software tools

- Wondering how the heck to get more clients!

- Wondering how the heck to serve any new clients properly when you’re already so bloody busy!!

Want a One Stop Shop for all your marketing - so all you have to do is plan your content and take your sales calls?

Here it is.


Most Flexible

  • All-In-One Marketing Platform
  • Complete Done For You Set-Up
  • Marketing Automation
  • 2-Way Text and Email
  • Calendar Integration & Reminders
  • Google Review Management
  • Website & Landing Page Builder
  • Email & Chat Support
  • Unlimited Users
  • The Ultimate Client Onboarding Automation Template
  • The Impact Business Marketing Online Course
  • Monthly Marketing Masterclasses
  • Monthly Business Guest Expert
  • Monthly Wellbeing Expert
  • Monthly Coaching Call
  • Unlimited tech support

Best Value

(2 months free)

Everything in the Monthly Package

All-In-One Marketing Platform

What Our Clients Say About Us


By using the Freeceo system I combined 15 different software platforms into one!! Yes, 15!!

This saves so much time, money, and hassle bouncing between platforms.

Game changer.

- Sally O.
Executive Consultant and Coach


The absolute best investment I have ever made in myself and my business!  .. Helped me bust through my mindset issues and reach new levels in my virtual journey.  I was navigating uncharted territory with my niche and Annelise shared her experience to help light the way and ultimately find my path to success.  I highly recommend.

- Janine C.
Boutique Agency Owner


Working with Annelise's team is the absolute best decision I’ve made for my business. Now I can spend my time working with my clients! And most importantly, she cares about me and the success of my business. I highly recommend her for all of your business needs!

- Samantha M.
Psychologist and Coach


Having a CRM and marketing automation absolutely changes the way you do business!

Annelise's team are supportive, take the time to explain things and are a joy to work with.

- Nick S.
Service Provider and Coach


Annelise and her team were exactly what I needed to not only keep my digital marketing and branding products moving but coach me through the challenges of starting an online business. What I love the most is that they "get" me - know my brand, understand who I am and the story I want to tell, and then do their magic to make that happen. 

- Mattie C.
Brain Coach


Working with Annelise Worn and her incredible team has felt like an invested extension of our core team.  They are creative, innovative, and really listen to understand our overall vision, which results in effective project accuracy and clarity.

- Joey
Executive Director, Non-Profit


$97 per month

The Systems

  • All - In - One Marketing Platform

  • Marketing Automation Tools:
    including ... 2-Way Text and Email,
    Calendar Integration & Reminders,
    Google Review Management, Website & Landing Page Builder, Website Chat Widget, Forms, Social Media Scheduler, Surveys, Course / Membership Hosting Platform, Email & Chat Support + more!

  • The Ultimate Client Onboarding Automation Templates

  • Unlimited Email Tech Support

$197 per month

Systems + Support

Everything in the Systems Package.

  • All - In - One Marketing Platform

  • Marketing Automation Tools
    including ... 2-Way Text and Email, Calendar Integration & Reminders, Google Review Management, Website & Landing Page Builder, Website Chat Widget, Forms, Social Media Scheduler, Surveys, Course / Membership Hosting Platform, Email & Chat Support + more!

  • The Ultimate Client Onboarding Automation Templates

  • Weekly Group Call

  • Unlimited Email Tech Support

+ PLUS +

  • Customised Set Up

  • Monthly 1:1 Strategy & Implementation Call

What Our Clients Say



Group Coach

Where else can you get texting, email, phone, voice drop, in one platform?... I see this as the software of the future. Setting your internal team and your client’s up for success.


Mattie Cummins


If you are a small business owner that wears many hats, this is the perfect partner to help you maximize your efficiency and effectiveness in connecting with and nurturing customers. So intuitive and easy to use, it saves you time. Which of course is money.


Nick Storey


We would be a shell of the business it is today without these guys. With an email list hundreds of thousands strong, a powerful and dependable email client is essential for us to run our business. They have robust behind-the-scenes automations, reliable customer service, and deliverability second to none. 10/10 would recommend.



Career Connectors

As a photographer and a mother, it’s so important for me to have that extra time that I save using this because I can focus more on my art and I can focus more on building relationships with the clients versus the tedious mundane things that so much time didn’t need to be spent on.



Service Provider

This platform enables marketers to engage with their audience in creative and exciting ways. When we first launched our studio, I had no idea of how to market online. Our account rep walked side by side with us. The level of service and support that we receive to this day is unparalleled.



Course Strategist

Through the platform, we are able to create a marketing funnel of school foodservice directors throughout the United States and provide them with content that is very specific to their needs, impacting over a billion annual school meals.

Does your business look like this?

Stagnant email list.

Sales calls few and far between.


Way wayyyy too much admin on your plate?

You're not alone.

But to move forward, you need what all freedom filled businesses have in common:

Freaking Fabulous Systems.

Yes, we know this can sound daunting. Especially when you hint at using more tech ;)

So before you run for the hills, let me tell you this.

We're a little different.

We set it all up for you, and provide free weekly business mentoring to help you strategise, troubleshoot and reach your biggest business goals.

Imagine this ...

Your ideal client sees your pre-scheduled social posts or ads, and lands on your website. They're hit by a super clear message that speaks directly to them.

They opt in for a valuable resource and receive an automated email sequence with invitations to book a call.

Confirmations and reminders are sent after the call is booked, plus some extra resources to get them excited.

After the call, they're automatically sent a thank you, plus stories of others clients results prior to purchase. You stay top of mind via email and text until they're ready to buy.

Upon purchase, the client receives reminders to sign the contract and pay, and when they do they are automatically onboarded.

The best part is - it happens without you even having to think about it.

It's all automated.

We've tested and trialled and tried to break this system across dozens of businesses for over 12 months before bringing this to you.

Freeceo is the secret weapon you’ve been looking for to simplify your business, increase your revenue and realise true business freedom!

Here's the process:


Custom Strategy

We’ll work with you 1:1 to create a customised Marketing & Sales Strategy that matches your unique goals and business practises.

We Build Your

Marketing Machine

Our software is created specifically for online service based businesses, including everything you need to generate and nurture leads towards a sales conversation.

Ongoing Training & Mentoring

Goals shift, offers change, the business evolves. We're more than just a tech company. Our members get access to our signature '7 Systems To Scale' course, live training, and free business coaching.

And here's a tiny peak behind the curtain ...

Social media planning, Email marketing,

Text & Voicemail Marketing

+ automations, including Seamless Client Onboarding with In-Built & customisable templates.

+ have one place for all your contacts,

and conversations from all your platforms.

+ get a simple visual check in

of all your marketing results

+ build and host your entire website

and / or landings pages.

+ insert website forms, a chat widget,

and Google review integrations.

+ manage your calendars that link

seamlessly to your Google / Outlook.

+ manage your finances with payments!

+ host your very own Membership or Course platform for clients or staff members.

Hear More From Clients


I feel like I have a partner in all of my marketing...  I cannot recommend enough.

- Kait L.
Course Creator


Total game changer for my small business. The knowledge, strategies and support is second to none. Annelise is such an inspirational mentor. The best investment I have made for my business by far!

- Lauren C.
Service Provider


Highly recommend for anyone looking at taking their business to the next level or getting their business idea off the ground! ... A wealth of information and easy to apply and understand marketing strategies.

- Jenna P.
Service Provider

'A - MAY - ZING '

Oh my goodness this lady is A-MAY-ZING... seriously changed my business mumma world for the better. Definitely recommend!

- Tamra R.
Service Provider


This is the best thing I've ever done for my business. Having access to practical one on one marketing advice is a total game changer.

-Jac S.
Service Provider


Truthfully, I didn't believe this system would be as good as it sounds - but it is. And better!
It will blow your mind.

-Jamie S.

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Book your 30 minute Strategy and Demo call

You'll walk away with a clear plan to save you time and money with a customised mindmap.


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When you have the right systems.

And the right support.

You get your life back.

Want to see how we've saved our clients time and money?

Case Study 1:
Solo Service Provider and Coach

This client went from using a website builder, a membership platform, a CRM and all the social platform inboxes - to combining all her group communication and membership materials in one place - saving hours going back and forth between inboxes.

Case Study 2:
Executive Coach

This client moved her landing pages, course material, staff portal, emails, automated texts and emails and more all into Freeceo.

She halved her payments in subscriptions, hired a sales person and completely removed herself from the day to day!

Case Study 3:
Boutique Agency Client

This client was able to automate and speed up client onboarding - saving money on subscriptions, and making more money by streamlining the path to initial and recurring payments. Win!

Case Study 4:
1:1 Service Provider

This service provider was in her first year. She wanted a new website, and a simple but powerful marketing strategy supported by the tools to make her as hands off as possible. We designed her website, got her set up with contracts and automated her sales follow up.

Now she's free to do her thing - knowing her systems are sorted.

No more duct taping together 47 different marketing and sales software platforms!

Finally - there's a simple tech solution that does all. the. things!

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? We love them.

These answers are here to help you decide if trialing Freeceo is the best option for your business.

What exactly do I get?

Members of Freeceo get access to the all-in-one marketing software, a marketing set up for one marketing funnel, in-built customisable funnels, our online Impact Business marketing course, and weekly live group business and marketing mentoring sessions - including monthly marketing masterclass, business expert session, wellbeing session and monthly group coaching and coworking sessions. Access is for current members only. To maintain access, you must be a current member.

What If I don’t know what I need?

No problem. Our team are experienced marketers and have helped hundreds of business owners design simple, powerful strategies to help them reach their biggest business goals.

Where are you located?

Our primary team is based near Melbourne, Australia. We also have team members in other countries around the globe, so no matter your timezone, we'll be able to find a time for a video call that works for you.

What if I decide I don't want to use Freeceo?

Cancel 24 hours before your trial period ends and we'll cancel your account. No questions asked, and you won't pay a cent.

How long does set up take?

Our templates are plug and play. You'll get automated access to the entire system as soon as you sign up for a 10 day trial.

Customisation will take place after your trial period is over, and will take up to 1 week to complete.

So in less than 3 weeks, you'll be 100% set up with marketing and sales automation, and a team to support you on your business journey.

Is there a minimum charge?

Freeceo is a monthly subscription. You pay for the month in advance. There are no refunds, pro-rata or otherwise, when cancelling your subscription. If you cancel, you will maintain access until your payment period has ended.

I have another question ...

Great! Email us at and we'll get back to you within 24 hours Mon-Fri (Melbourne, Australia time).

Ready for your marketing to

just finally be easy?